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It has been a fulfilling year for the foundation in terms of Youth empowerment. We  championed the rights of youths in Livingstone, to access education and life skills, through youth peer to peer community education.

In February 2022 we launched our Youth Insaka project in three schools around Livingstone. This project aims to connect young people to share challenges, discuss solutions and support each other.

Through this project, we reached about 120 individuals, navigating various topics that border on improving their lives.

By December 2022, the project expanded to three additional schools.

With 24 trained youth ambassadors, we are equipping over 300 young people with the necessary tools to make informed decisions regarding their wellbeing – enabling them to grow into confident young leaders.

We closed the year off with an end of year party in December which included fun activities and a general recap of what the youths learned throughout the year. We also awarded outstanding performing individuals in the program and celebrated their hard work and determination. African Impact Foundation looks forward to more growth in the new year.

Find out more about our Youth Insaka Program, here

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