Sponsor a Future

Bridging the gap in Zambia from secondary school to higher education.

In 2008, we started addressing the need to keep children in school from primary through to high school through our Sponsor a Child program. The next step was to provide more options for youth in Zambia to continue their studies after grade 12 by sponsoring them to go to university, college, or vocational training institutions, both locally and internationally.

Education provides pathways out of poverty – individual earnings increase by 10% for each year of school completed.

of youth in Zambia complete secondary school
of people in Zambia earn less than $2 a day
of the youth who do complete secondary school go on to higher education
Young African girl with her parents

Ending poverty through higher education

“A year ago when I would view my life and picture my future, I never saw myself travelling abroad. It was not until I went to the Yale Young Scholars Program in Ghana did I realize that there is a world out there full of life, new ideas and new opportunities.

Education brings out our potential, it builds our character, wakes in us the ability to question and reason, and of course it gives us an opportunity to choose the right career. All of this would not have been possible without my sponsors. To you all I say a big thank you for giving me such an incredible opportunity, an opportunity of a lifetime.”

– Justina, Yale Young African Scholar Participant in July 2019

Graduates of higher education are more likely to have:

Healthier Habits

Higher Earning

Civil Participation

Healthier Children

Environmentally Conscious

Reduced Family Sizes

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