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Introducing Our Internship Offerings: Exploring the Differences

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Are you ready to embark on an impactful internship experience with us, and make a lasting impact? We offer both in-person and virtual internships, each providing unique opportunities for personal and professional growth. Let’s delve into the main differences between the two

In-Person Internship: Explore Africa, Make a Difference

Our in-person internships invite you to discover the beauty of the continent while gaining practical experience in NGO operations and community development. With experienced on-site staff, professional development coaching, and customised goals, you’ll receive valuable guidance to reach sustainable results for the communities we serve. From our NGO internship in Livingstone, Zambia to placements at our head office in Cape Town, South Africa, the choice is yours.

Why Choose an In-Person Internship?

  • Customised placement to suit your skills and goals
  • Support from our on-site and head office teams
  • Professional development coaching for personal growth
  • Immersive non-profit experience with grassroots exposure
  • Opportunity to monitor and evaluate project progress and impact
  • Flexible placement duration (recommended 4 to 6 months) with year-round start dates

Virtual Internship: Bridge the Gap, Make and Impact

Our Virtual Internship brings the African Impact Foundation experience to you, regardless of your location. Connect with our dedicated team for a remote internship program designed to align with your personal and professional development goals. We offer flexibility to accommodate your capacity and time zone, ensuring a tailored experience.

Why Choose a Virtual Internship?

  • Gain practical experience and theoretical understanding of social development
  • Customisable focus areas based on your academic focus, personal interest, or passion 
  • Duration ranging from 1 to 6 months, fitting around your commitments and capacity
  • Dedicated internship supervisor and personalised development plan
  • Access to a rich library of digital learning resources and content
  • Suitable for students, graduates, and professionals seeking NGO sector experience or exploring career changes

Whether you choose an in-person or virtual internship, both options offer invaluable opportunities to make a difference, gain professional references, and broaden your horizons. Join us in giving back and gaining invaluable experience.

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Making Good Decisions for a Bright Future

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At Youth Insaka, we are committed to nurturing and empowering young minds. This week, we embarked on an exciting journey with our boys and girls as they explored “making good decisions.” Our young learners’ enthusiasm, creativity, and insightful contributions have been inspiring. Let’s take a closer look at the incredible progress we’ve made!

The African Impact Foundation’s Youth Insaka initiative is a program specifically designed to empower and support young individuals in Africa. Insaka, which means “meeting place” in Bemba, a Zambian language, symbolizes a safe and inclusive space for young people to gather, learn, and grow.

Defining Decisions. 

To lay the foundation for our discussions, we explained a decision’s meaning. Through engaging conversations, we explored the various aspects and complexities of decision-making. We emphasized the importance of making positive choices that can profoundly impact one’s life and the lives of others.

Our young learners demonstrated remarkable maturity by sharing real-life situations and examples that showcased the power of good decision-making. Their contributions reflected their understanding and sparked further discussions and insights.

Engaging Group Activity.

We organized a captivating group activity to deepen their understanding and encourage collaboration. The boys and girls were divided into two teams, each assigned to discuss the steps and outcomes of making good decisions. This activity fostered teamwork, critical thinking, and practical communication skills.

To add an element of excitement, each team chose a representative to express their respective groups’ collective thoughts and conclusions. The session became a lively exchange of ideas, filled with laughter and camaraderie.

Challenges of Adolescence.

At Youth Insaka, we are acutely aware of the challenges young people face during adolescence. By addressing topics such as making good decisions, we equip them with the necessary skills to navigate these challenges with confidence and wisdom.

Encouraging young individuals to make sound decisions is a cornerstone of personal growth and development. By instilling the belief that they have the power to shape their own futures, we empower them to become leaders who positively contribute to society.

Moving Forward: Empowering Youth for the Journey Ahead.

The journey of empowering our Youth never stops. At Youth Insaka, we are dedicated to providing ongoing support and inspiration. Through our programs, we will continue to foster critical thinking, inspire creativity, and nurture personal growth.

Stay connected for more updates as we embark on new discussions, activities, and initiatives that empower our young minds. Together, let’s create a future where our Youth confidently navigate life’s challenges, armed with the ability to make informed and impactful decisions.

The recent focus on “making good decisions” at Youth Insaka has been an incredible journey filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and inspiring contributions from our boys and girls. We have witnessed their growth and understanding by defining decisions, exploring essential steps, and engaging in group activities.
Empowering our Youth to make sound decisions is vital to shaping their futures. At Youth Insaka, we remain dedicated to their personal growth, fostering critical thinking and inspiring confidence as they navigate the exciting journey of life.

Find our more about our impact, here

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Empowering Lives and Shaping a Brighter Future: LETs Program Expands to the Libuyu Community

By Education & Enrichment, News

The African Impact Foundation’s LETs (Life Empowerment Training and Support) program has reached the vibrant and beautiful Libuyu community. This marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower individuals and create lasting change. We are thrilled to share this exciting news and are inspired by the remarkable warm reception and support we have received. Our enthusiasm to make a positive impact is stronger than ever.

Addressing the Needs.

Libuyu, located in Livingstone, Zambia, is a densely populated area that faces unique challenges, particularly in reproductive health. Recognizing the pressing need for support, the Ministry of Health in Zambia has opened clinics in Libuyu to address the high number of pregnancies in the community. Within this context, our LETs program has provided valuable education and support.

Engaging Workshops.

We kicked off our Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Workshops (LETS) with Group 5 this week. The response has been nothing short of inspiring. Over 30 participants eagerly joined us, genuinely wanting to learn and grow together. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners at Libuyu Clinic for their invaluable support, contributing to the resounding success of this launch.

Creating an Enriching Experience.

During one of our recent sessions, community members enthusiastically delved into the goals, purpose, and mission of LETs. These workshops are carefully designed to foster interactivity, providing a safe space for open dialogue. We were thrilled to witness the participants’ level of engagement and willingness to share their thoughts, opinions, and insights regarding reproductive health and family planning. We can foster a culture of understanding, support, and informed decision-making through these discussions.

Education as Empowerment.

At the African Impact Foundation, we firmly believe education is the key to empowerment. Through the LETs program, we aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and resources to make informed choices and lead healthier lives. By providing this platform for knowledge-sharing and community building, we are shaping a better future for all.

Expressing Gratitude.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participating community members in the workshops. Your engagement and enthusiasm inspire us to continue our work with dedication and passion. We also want to acknowledge the unwavering commitment of our dedicated team and partners. Together, we are making a significant difference in the lives of individuals and families in the Libuyu community.

Looking Ahead.

As we continue our LETs journey, we maintain our commitment to empower lives and drive positive change, one workshop at a time. Stay connected for further updates as we extend our reach and leave a lasting impact. Remember, there are no limits to what we can achieve when we unite.

The African Impact Foundation’s LETs program has taken an exciting step forward by extending its reach to the Libuyu community. We empower individuals with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their reproductive health through engaging workshops and open dialogue. We express our deepest gratitude to all who have been a part of this journey so far, and we invite everyone to join us as we work towards a brighter future.

Find our more about our impact, here

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A life transformed by the African Impact Foundation’s Sponsor a Child program.

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Sithembile’s story is one of resilience, determination, and gratitude. Before joining the program, Sithembile faced significant financial hardship due to her mother’s unemployment and the limited financial support her family could provide. However, the African Impact Foundation changed everything.

Thanks to the Foundation’s financial support, Sithembile could continue her education without worrying about school fees, books, uniforms, and upkeep expenses. The Foundation supported her from sixth grade to her tertiary education, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Science, specializing in Biology and Chemistry at Nkwame Nkrumah University.

Now, in her third year, Sithembile is doing her teaching practices at St. Mary’s Secondary School, where she also once studied. She is forever grateful, humbled, and indebted to the African Impact Foundation for their unwavering support. The Foundation’s Sponsor a Child program has transformed Sithembile’s life and allowed her to give back to her community through education.

If you’re looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of young people, consider donating to the African Impact Foundation’s Sponsor a Child program. Your donation could help change a child’s life, just like it did for Sithembile. Join us in making a difference today.

Find out more about sponsoring a child’s education, here

Disrupt the cycle of poverty with African Impact Foundation 

Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Communities

By Empowering Communities, News

Good mental health and well-being are essential for individuals to lead fulfilling lives and for communities to thrive. Unfortunately, mental health is still stigmatized in many communities, preventing individuals from seeking help and support when needed. This is particularly true in low-income communities where access to resources is limited, and young people are at risk of turning to vices such as substance abuse, early engagement in sexual activities, and dropping out of school.

The African Impact Foundation recognizes the importance of promoting mental health awareness in communities. Through initiatives such as Youth Insaka and LETS, The African Impact Foundation is working to increase awareness and reduce mental illness stigma in Livingstone and its surrounding communities.

Youth Insaka.

Youth Insaka is a program designed to help young people navigate the challenging time of adolescence. Through weekly workshops held in six schools, learners are taught the importance of managing their emotions and stress to improve their physical and mental well-being. Topics covered include self-care, regular exercise, discussing problems, and eating well.

LETS Gender Empowerment program. 

The LETS program is another initiative that focuses on reproductive and health management essentials. The program runs for about seven weeks, with groups meeting twice weekly for two-hour sessions.

The instructors teach participants the importance of maintaining a healthy state of mind and how it can aid in developing their talents and focusing on their passions.

These programs help young people manage their emotions and stress and emphasize the importance of self-care, regular exercise, and healthy eating. By nourishing the mind with positivity, creativity, and education, we can help individuals and communities thrive.

Find our more about our impact, here

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Parent meeting well attended

By News

At African Impact Foundation, we know very well that education gives a child a chance to create a better life for themself, their family, and their whole community.

Through our donors’ generous support, we can afford many underprivileged children the opportunity and support to attend school.

Parental involvement is an important factor for successful education.

Our team in Livingstone works hard to ensure the success of this vital program and goes above and beyond to support the many needs of students holistically.

In May 2020, the African Impact Foundation identified a gap between the Foundation and the parents of the Sponsor A Child program beneficiaries.

We created the first Parent meeting to address this critical need for the parent’s involvement. The meeting aimed to strengthen relationships for each child in the program to benefit from committed and highly functional teams.

Third Parent Meeting held

On Saturday, 11th March, our third parent’s meeting was marked, with the agenda mainly centered around discussing the importance of parental involvement in ensuring academic excellence in children.

The Foundation’s team, Sponsor a Child beneficiaries, and their parents/guardians were all in attendance. The meeting was attended by around 130 participants collectively and yielded fruitful results.

African Impact Foundation team members posed questions regarding the topic. Participants split into two groups for practical discussion purposes, and the groups were highly interactive. Most parents, guardians, and their children/wards were grateful for being invited to the forum. They stated that they became more knowledgeable on the importance of education and how to create a conducive environment for learners to excel.





Holding such forums has helped both the parents and Foundation understand the purpose of working together to ensure the sponsored children remain focused, improve their grades and finish school, thus breaking the cycle of poverty.

Disrupt the cycle of poverty with African Impact Foundation 

A life empowered by Education

By News

A success story – Meet Obrien

His journey with African Impact Foundation started in grade 8.

Obrien Mandandi was born on 1st September 1999 and lived in his grandmother’s care in Livingstone’s Linda Community.

Obrien completed secondary school in 2020 at Linda Secondary School. However, each of our child sponsorship stories comes with new beginnings, ongoing challenges, and successes – O’Brien could have performed better at the grade 12 level.

The less-than-favorable results hindered him from progressing to the tertiary level of education.

The cycle of poverty

Due to ongoing financial challenges at home, Obrien opted to get a job at a construction site instead of returning to school to re-write his exams. He felt the need to support his overcrowded family financially.

Education gives a child a chance to create a better life for themself, their family, and their whole community. Without education, the cycle of poverty continues.

Child sponsorship has changed Obrien’s life by allowing him to go to school. 

“I tried my luck.”.

In January this year, Obrien took a chance and tried his luck to upgrade his education. He applied to study a short technical and trade skills course in Plumbing at the Youth Community Center in Livingstone.

Fortunately, he was accepted. The African Impact Foundation assisted him with buying the necessities he needed to begin school, such as a work suit, books, and learning tools.

“I am happiest about this course because it is most practical as I prefer acquiring technical skills. So far, I have learned about welding and how to mount a hand wash basin and a kitchen sink. I dream of one day owning a construction company.
I have always felt that my passion lies in bricklaying and construction.”

OBrien MandandiSponsor a Future beneficiary (2023)

So does education sponsorship work? The answer is yes. When you sponsor a child in the Sponsor a Child or Sponsor a Future program, you directly impact that child’s life. In turn, there’s a direct impact on their community.
With this said, we would like to extend a big Thank You to all our current sponsors.

Find our more about our impact, here

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Project visits from the Director

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“Visiting our team and seeing the impact made in Livingstone is always a highlight for me”

Michelle Proctor, Director

Written by: Michelle Proctor, Foundation Director

A visit to Livingstone, Zambia

On my recent visit we focussed on team development on this visit with an Executive Coach and Mentor from England, Nicky Rowe.

Nicky grew up in Zambia, and this was her way of giving back through her incredible team development skills.

The learnings were valuable and will improve our work with beneficiaries and strengthen community relations.

I was also so pleased to have one of our Trustees, Jacqui Scott, see our projects for the first time. Experiencing our Reproductive Health program and Youth leadership program were great examples for Jacqui – to see how our sustainable approach builds youth skills, knowledge, and confidence to make choices for a better future. A big shout out to the team in Livingstone who take these programs from strength to strength every day!

We had the opportunity to join the celebrations in Livingstone for International Women’s Day on 8 March 2023. It was a heartwarming day that gave me goosebumps as I marched with thousands of people celebrating women! The singing, dancing, marching together, and camaraderie from all involved was inspiring, peaceful, and lots of fun!

Disrupt the cycle of poverty with African Impact Foundation 

LETS group celebrating

Sustainable Impact for LETS education

By News

Written by: 

Leonie Rowe
Writer from African Impact volunteers

With only being in existence for the past seven months, the LETS program has already significantly impacted 3 of the largest communities in Livingstone: Linda, Dambwa, and Nakatindi, respectively.

The Gender Equality program educates adults and youth in local communities on sexual reproductive health. Through proven education and tools, these LETS sessions empower women, couples, and young people to make informed choices about their reproductive health and prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Disrupting the cycle of poverty one bracelet at a time

Using the LETS bracelets, many have learned how to track their menstrual cycle and to know when they will be most fertile. This knowledge has empowered women to make informed decisions on when to have sex, depending on whether they want to start a family.

The education LETS provides helps students make positive choices about protecting themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and deciding when to have a baby – provided they can support their child.

Eagerness for knowledge

Several program members walk long distances to learn about reproductive health and teach their communities about it. The students are very enthusiastic, want to discuss these topics, and are incredibly willing to learn more.

Since the program’s inception in Livingstone, we have had over 90 participants graduate from the short training with certification.

LETS continue the impact

Our goal is to ensure that the program remains sustainable. We do this by building confidence and capacity in past members who are encouraged to assist in facilitating LETS sessions with our team in new program catchment areas and disseminating information in other communities.

An example of making a continuous impact is in the case of Moses, a former trainee under LETS in the Dambwa community.

Moses is now involved with a local clinic and teaches some lessons on contraception and tracking the menstrual cycle.

During a session where African Impact Foundation team asked him to assist, he engaged the class with detailed explanations, demonstrations, and a touch of humor.

The program takes a sustainable approach to help students feel comfortable and open when discussing sexual health, encouraging them to share what they have learned. It is important for students like Moses to get involved in teaching so that individuals are inspired to use their knowledge to educate their communities on reproductive health. The more people know about their bodies, the more they can look after themselves and make informed choices about their well-being.

Interested in making an impact? Email us info@africanimpactfoundation.org

Great strides made for Gender Equality project in 2022

By News

African Impact Foundation ended 2022 on a positive note as we celebrated the graduation of the second group of our Gender Equality, LETS project, which consisted of 57 members. 

Some of our community partners from the District Health Board in Livingstone were in attendance.

Livingstone’s Mahati Maghandi Health Centre chairperson, Catherine Njamba, commended the project run by African Impact Foundation during the graduation ceremony and highlighted the importance of including men in matters of reproductive health. 

The participants expressed gratitude for the knowledge they attained from the workshops. They are very excited to share it in their communities.

We are so happy with the strides made with the Gender Equality program in 2022 through partnership and collaboration with LETS

We have had two groups of participants graduate since August 2022 and expect to launch the third group by January 2023.

Our mutual goal with LETS is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about family planning, health, and well-being and uplift communities through education. 

We want to ensure that women and girls are educated about reproductive health and have the necessary resources to prevent unplanned pregnancies. 

Through this, we hope to disrupt the cycle of poverty and increase their quality of life.

Find out more about our Gender Equality Program, here

Disrupt the cycle of poverty with African Impact Foundation