Education Facilities

Creating spaces for children to get a quality education

The African Impact Foundation is committed to improving education facilities so all children have the opportunity and ability to finish school and seek sustainable livelihoods. There are currently not enough classrooms for all children to attend school in Livingstone. When a child can go to school, they are in a class with 1 teacher to 80 students, without adequate furniture or resources. Some schools have no school boundary or fence, allowing vandalism and constant distraction from cars, people and even elephants entering school property.

Libuyu Complete Classroom

Ending poverty through education spaces.

Building new classrooms allows all children to attend school and be in a class where they can learn and thrive in a safe and comfortable space. Improving other facilities and creating boundary walls protect students and teaching staff and the pride in their school grows. Overall, quality school facilities allow children to do their best, and their test results improve, leading to more opportunities for their future.

Libuyu School

Libuyu Community School is a community school in the community of Linda. In 2020 we built three new classrooms, which immediately improved the teacher to student ratio from 1:80 to 1:40. Smaller classroom sizes result in a better learning environment, an increase in attendance rates and marks, and an improvement in curriculum delivery. Since the new classrooms, the improved facilities attracted more children to go to Libuyu rather than stay at home. So now Libuyu is getting busier and classrooms are full again!

The boundary of Libuyu is open, and vandalism, theft and constant distractions to students of people walking into and across the school grounds. So before building new classrooms, Libuyu needs a wall for protection and to create pride in the school.

Then the plan is much needed new classrooms and increases toilet facilities for dignity and hygiene.

Zambezi Sawmills

Zambezi Sawmills Community School is located in one of the poorest communities in Livingstone. When we began working with the school, it was located in an open and exposed area, there was a high rate of vandalism and theft, people and cars were often driving over the play area and crops, and many of the classroom windows were broken. The school also suffered from severe overcrowding with up to 100 children in each class resulting in grades hot seating

We built a security wall around the school, a 1×1 classroom block, and a teacher’s house. By building the new wall, the school was secured from theft and vandalism, and the children’s learning  environment improved because the grounds were no longer used as cut-throughs by non-students. The 1×1 classroom block alleviated the strain of overcrowding and this resulted in an improved learning environment and an increase in student marks. The teacher’s house now provides security by someone living on-site and the rent the teacher pays covers the cost of a security guard for the school.

You have helped us

  • Built 25 classrooms so more children can attend school, and improve teacher to student ratio.
  • Refurbished 44 classrooms, 5 recreation areas, 4 perimeter walls, 16 toilets to improve safety, upgrade facilities and increase pride in schools resulting in more children graduating to next grade.
  • Built a learning centre in Jambiani, Zanzibar, for over 100 people to learn English so they can graduate to a tourism and hospitality training course and improve their chances for employment.

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