Sponsor a Child

Fighting poverty in Zambia through education

We provide children in Livingstone, Zambia, identified and assessed by our local community partners, with the opportunity to go to school through sponsorship. An education gives a child the chance to create a better life for themself, their family, and their whole community. Without education the cycle of poverty continues.

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“You get to be educated, you get to know things around you, and you’ll be able to reach great heights because you’re educated and you can do anything for yourself.” – Sponsor a Child Student

Safe Space
Safe space: safe place during the day, proportionate teacher to student ratio, activities and clubs.
Gender equality
Access to Women’s Rights: Our goal to have a minimum of 50% girls sponsored, with opportunity to participate in The Girl Impact programme, increased confidence levels, and access to health tools to increase their chances to stay in school such as menstrual health kits and educational programming
Dream big
Opportunity to dream big: Our goal is to have all children finish grade 12, lead to Sponsor a Future, confidence to understand future choices after high school.
Break the cycle of poverty
Breaks the poverty cycle: Sets a standard for the future generation to break the poverty cycle

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