Sponsor A Child

Fighting poverty in Zambia through education

We provide children in Livingstone, Zambia, identified and assessed by our local community partners, with the opportunity to go to school through sponsorship. An education gives a child the chance to create a better life for themself, their family, and their whole community. Without education the cycle of poverty continues.

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Give a child an education and a pathway out of poverty. Make a one time donation or donate monthly and we’ll send you details of the children you have sponsored and regular updates. Your sponsorship pays a child’s school fees for a year, and provides a set of uniform and shoes, a school bag, stationery and workbooks. In addition, a portion of the sponsorship fee goes into a fund to improve the quality of education for all students at their school.

of children in Zambia do not finish primary school
of the children who do complete primary do not enter secondary school

Sponsoring a Child

“You get to be educated, you get to know things around you, and you’ll be able to reach great heights because you’re educated and you can do anything for yourself.” – Sponsor a Child Student

Sponsorship gives a vulnerable child the opportunity


To go to school

(grades 1 – 7) = $315 or $26/month

To graduate

(grades 1 – 7) = $315 or $26/month

To get a job

(grades 10 – 12) = $455 or $38/month

To have a home

(grades 10 – 12) = $455 or $38/month

To have food

(grades 10 – 12) = $455 or $38/month

To break the cycle of poverty

(grades 10 – 12) = $455 or $38/month

Are you unable to sponsor a child but still want to donate towards the program?

Sponsor A Child in Zambia.

Contact us: info@africanimpactfoundation.org