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Strategic Corporate Giving

Become a Strategic Partner

African Impact Foundation recognises that CSR is a company’s internal commitment to strong corporate values, and that CSR programs need to go beyond just doing good.   We understand that CSR initiatives tell your company’s story and can position you as a leader on social issues.

By becoming a strategic partner with us, your organisation will be able to demonstrate value to customers, employees and shareholders, as well as the global community.  With focus and alignment based on what your business already does well, your CSR efforts can become even more effective.   

We believe that people are an organisation’s biggest asset and that by developing CSR initiatives that make employees proud, you can protect and grow this asset.   A partnership with African Impact Foundation creates opportunities for employees to make an independent, positive impact on social and environmental issues creating a sense of fulfilment, as well as improving their own personal growth and development.

To find out more about forming a strategic partnership with African Impact Foundation, please contact our Executive Director:

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