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African Impact Foundation ended 2022 on a positive note as we celebrated the graduation of the second group of our Gender Equality, LETS project, which consisted of 57 members. 

Some of our community partners from the District Health Board in Livingstone were in attendance.

Livingstone’s Mahati Maghandi Health Centre chairperson, Catherine Njamba, commended the project run by African Impact Foundation during the graduation ceremony and highlighted the importance of including men in matters of reproductive health. 

The participants expressed gratitude for the knowledge they attained from the workshops. They are very excited to share it in their communities.

We are so happy with the strides made with the Gender Equality program in 2022 through partnership and collaboration with LETS

We have had two groups of participants graduate since August 2022 and expect to launch the third group by January 2023.

Our mutual goal with LETS is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about family planning, health, and well-being and uplift communities through education. 

We want to ensure that women and girls are educated about reproductive health and have the necessary resources to prevent unplanned pregnancies. 

Through this, we hope to disrupt the cycle of poverty and increase their quality of life.

Find out more about our Gender Equality Program, here

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