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In June 2022, we introduced to you Sheila Hamuchemba, who joined our Skills Development Internship, under the Youth Insaka project.

The time now has come to bid her farewell and good luck as she embarks on a new and exciting journey to University.

This is a bittersweet moment for the African Impact Foundation as Sheila  has made a phenomenal contribution throughout her internship. Sheila is a great inspiration to many young people in the program.

"Being a Youth Insaka mentor over the past nine months taught me so much. During my time with the Foundation, my facilitation skills improved tremendously. I am thrilled to be going to university and look forward to starting my career. The most amazing part of my departure is that I carry so much knowledge, power, authority and self-determination with me. All these are qualities that were imparted to me by the African Impact Foundation team over the years. My departure does not mean that it is the end, for I will always keep the Youth Insaka children and foundation at heart." - Sheila Hambucha

Sheila’s journey with us  started as a Sponsor a Child beneficiary, and progressed to her  training fellow youth ambassadors, and Youth Insaka beneficiaries. She has now moved on as one of our Sponsor a Future beneficiaries.

We are happy to see Sheila pursue her career in the field of Economics at the University of Zambia.

We wish her all the best.

Find out more about sponsoring a future, here

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