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Fundraising Volunteers, Zambia

By September 30, 2016October 9th, 2023No Comments

Written by Zambia Intern Morgan Domijan

Margaux, Hélène and Laura
Before arriving in Livingstone, Zambia, Margaux, Hélène and Laura from Belgium held multiple fundraisers to support The Happy Africa Foundation and African Impact. They stepped out of the box and fundraised through unique projects. But how?

The three hosted their 18th birthday party where all “presents” resulted in donations, sold melo-cakes to family and friends, and had a soccer match between the students and teachers where all proceeds went to sponsoring two children in the Sponsor a Child program. Additionally, they received more donations from reaching out to other organizations and receiving the Young Women in Public Affairs Award.

Wow! Margaux, Hélène and Laura’s dedication demonstrates just a few of the many great fundraising opportunities that are out there. Join their fundraising efforts today!

Dan and Ryan
Dan and Ryan from New York raised an incredible $15,000 before arriving in Livingstone, Zambia to volunteering with African Impact on their building projects. Through sharing their stories by social media and setting up a crowdfunding page, many viewers wanted to make their own impact through donating. Their fundraising efforts will directly affect Linda Farm in building a new Ablution block, completing a playground, and supporting Zambezi Sawmills School.

Due to sharing Happy Africa’s mission before taking off for Livingstone, these two dedicated volunteers impacted three communities!