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Jack Moss – Cycling for a Cause

By March 27, 2014October 10th, 2023One Comment

On Sunday, the 9th of March, previous African Impact – Cape Town City Projects volunteer, Jack Moss, alongside 35,000 cyclists participated in the 2014 Argus Cycle Tour, the largest timed cycle race in the world.

Cyclists braved winds up to 80km/h on a daunting 109km cycle race around the peninsula area of greater Cape Town to test their personal abilities as well as raise money for a number of different charitable organizations.

Jack was up to the challenge and crossed the finish line at a speedy 4 hours and 30 minutes! Jack graciously chose to race in support of the Happy Africa Foundation and has been raising money from family and friends around the UK over the past several months using an online fundraising platform called Virgin Money Giving. He has chosen to direct all donations towards an exciting new Happy Africa Foundation focal project, the GAPA Enrichment programme, which will enable financially disadvantaged children in the Khayelitsha community with the opportunity to attend extra-curricular educational trips.

The project enriches children’s in-class education by supplementing the funds needed to pay for educational outings twice per year. These extra-mural trips will allow children to visit places around Cape Town that they would not otherwise have access to due to financial restraints. While providing a fun outing to children, the trips will also be educational and equip children with practical life skills taught through tactile learning and fun experiences. Providing educational trips for children improves long term critical thinking, increases exposure to cultural institutions in the community, facilitates group learning and will ultimately empower children to grow mentally from the new experience. As a previous volunteer spending time with the children at GAPA, Jack can understand first-hand the significant impact this opportunity will have in the children’s lives.

Jack told us, “Ive always wanted to help make a difference in Africa through volunteering and fundraising. The Cape Argus was the perfect opportunity to help raise money for The Happy Africa Foundation, who I know support a very good cause. I chose to donate the money I raised to GAPA because when I was volunteering with African Impact, I was lucky enough to experience first-hand the good it brings to the children! Hopefully it can help make an impact!”

Through the support of generous donors, Jack has raised over £950 for this programme. Help Jack hit £1000 through his Virgin Money Page. Way to go Jack!