Build a Youth Community Centre in Zambia!

Empower Zambian communities to rise out of poverty and create generational change for youth.

Give the gift of a Youth Community Centre to provide an essential facility and endless potential for youth to rise out of poverty and create an impact for future generations! Donate today!

For every £20 donated, you receive one token for the chance to win a FREE 2-week trip to Livingstone, Zambia to volunteer with the Youth Community Centre programmes in partnership with African Impact!

You have helped us create workshops that are uplifting young people in Zambia; however, we need a permanent facility to continue and grow our essential work with youth – a Community Centre! Our programmes are currently held under trees and in unsuitable environments for learning, without any privacy for the serious topics we discuss, nor protection from the hot sun or heavy rains, limiting the support we can provide.


We have purchased land and have dreams to build a Youth Community Centre which will host:

Our Youth Community Centre in Livingstone, Zambia, will be developed in collaboration with Urban Think Tank (U-TT). U-TT is an architectural design group consisting of specialists from a variety of fields and their portfolio includes several community projects in informal or underdeveloped communities. Using a human-centered approach, they have demonstrated an ability to use design to explore and respond to people's needs. The team will begin working on the schematic phase in January 2023 under Fred Levrat's leadership, Director of the NY office.

To build Phase 1 of the Youth Community Centre

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