Community Empowerment

Our community empowerment projects are unique in that we work with an array of individuals, from top leadership positions, to institutions as well as families and individuals to ensure our programs benefit the largest number of people in the best way. Through meeting with local leaders and community groups, who identify the needs of their populations, we are able to assist with programs that move entire communities forward, and uplift all individuals while creating a culture of empowerment and self-development. To do so, we focus on skills training, income generation, healthcare improvement and educational enrichment.

Our Current Projects

Langoni Old People’s Home


Supporting the elderly residents of the Langoni Old People’s Home with room renovations, security, common spaces and covering medical costs.

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Farmers of the Future

Greater Kruger

Skills development training with unemployed young people through community gardens and business training.

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Family Empowerment


Working alongside vulnerable families to improve their circumstances through educational support and improvement of living conditions.

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Community Sports Development

Cape Town

Collaborating to bring together over 250 children from three low income communities to participate in street cricket and soccer tournaments.

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Jambiani Educational Centre


Completing the building of an educational centre in Jambiani village for the community to attend English lessons and educational projects.

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