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Hi, I’m Michelle Procter, the Executive Director at the African Impact Foundation. I’m in Livingstone and wanted to share news from the ground.

It’s hot and dusty, and so far, it’s been an emotional few days. I’ve seen the challenges young people face to get an education and navigate many challenges through their teenage years.

Right now, substance abuse and early pregnancy are big concerns for many parents and teachers, as well as classroom space to learn and do well in exams. Many children only have 3-4 hours at school each day as classrooms are shared throughout the day, so lots of spare time and peer pressure to be influenced into risky behaviours.

It’s been so heart-warming and heartbreaking all at the same time!

What hit me, even more, was the determination and drive of many young people I met to overcome these challenges, especially students on sponsorship programmes. Girls truly want a good education, to build confidence, and to avoid pregnancy so they can become young women with more choices and dreams for their future. The boys I met are driven to finish grade 12, explore career options and learn how to navigate the many challenges that come their way, including substance abuse.

It’s been so heart-warming and heartbreaking all at the same time!

I experienced first-hand how our current workshops help young people make different choices. Our planned Youth Community Centre (formally known as The Girl Impact Centre) will drastically improve these services and give support to thousands of young people and encourage them to work towards a future of prosperity and health. Workshops covering reproductive health, building confidence to make good choices, gender equality, career options, counseling services, and extra tuition will be so valuable.

Recreation spaces and clubs will be important to keep children busy and away from the risks of substance abuse. I visited our plot of land to mark the boundary and discuss the hopes and needs of the Youth Community Centre with our local community advisors. The excitement and need for a youth development space is so real!

I want you to know how transformative your support is for young people here. So many people here in Livingstone thank you from the bottom of their hearts for the opportunities and hope you provide.

Find out more about our Youth Community Centre, here

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