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Well done 2014 Adult Literacy Graduates!

By December 8, 2014October 10th, 2023One Comment

Adult Literacy has been a popular course in Livingstone with classes well attended on a weekly basis. At Linda Farm four separate classes were run twice a week catering for those just learning to read, to those who were more advanced.

The Happy Africa Foundation and our partners at African Impact were involved in developing teachers from the local community while also sending staff and volunteers to assist with the delivery of the course. Along with this, the Happy Africa Foundation funded the Happy Readers books through our Community Development Fund which proved to be a vital resource for those in the beginner’s course.

Testing was held in the last week of the course with students answering questions about what they had learnt throughout the course. In total thirty five students passed their course with many showing dramatic improvement from the start.

The graduation ceremony was marked with certificates being handed out to all those who graduated. Students proudly held their certificates high and thanked their teachers with applause filling the room.

Students shared their jubilation with the class urging fellow students to remain motivated and inform their friends to join the course next year. Members of the advanced course were excited by the opportunities ahead and were already enquiring about future courses more specific to assisting them with a vocation.

Adult Literacy will return to Livingstone next year with recent graduates challenging themselves by undertaking a higher course and new students joining us hoping for the same success. The Happy Africa Foundation is already excited to see what Adult Literacy holds in 2015 and the opportunities it creates for the dedicated students.