Volunteer in Africa

We are proud to uphold our longstanding partnership with African Impact, the leading provider of responsible volunteer and learning experiences in Africa. They have been running programs in 10 countries across Africa for over 15 years.

The African Impact Foundation was established as a way to responsibly manage donations received from volunteers working on their volunteer programs. This partnership means we are able to do more to develop, uplift, and empower the communities we work in and you are able to contribute in one of the most rewarding and enriching ways possible: by volunteering on a project.

Volunteering lets you contribute to community development or conservation initiatives in a responsible and sustainable way while also giving you an opportunity to experience the unique culture, rhythm, and beauty of the African continent.

Together our mission is to create long-lasting change and shape participants into global citizens who understand the unique political, socioeconomic, and cultural landscapes of the countries they work in and how humanitarian issues such as inequality, poverty, and violence are created in the first place.

Volunteer Programs

Early Childhood Development, South Africa

Contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education by working with vulnerable children in Cape Town’s townships and making a positive, long-term impact on children who would otherwise not get the chance to access quality and inclusive education.

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Girl Empowerment, Zambia

Join the African Impact team in the traditional town of Livingstone and work towards UN Sustainable Development Goal #5: Gender Equality. You will support, educate, and encourage young girls as they become empowered young women in their community.

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Rural Medical & HIV/AIDS Awareness, South Africa

Offer vital assistance in a rural Zulu village in South Africa and contribute towards UN Sustainable Development Goal #3: Good Health and Well-Being by working in under resourced clinics and supporting local caregivers as they offer home-based care and awareness workshops.

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