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The practical experience gained on our NGO Management Internship is a fantastic opportunity to bolster your resume while making a tangible impact in Africa

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Immerse yourself within vibrant African cultures whilst making a difference at a grassroots level

Let Africa impact you

Understand the day to day running of a working NGO and develop a combination of skills including community relationships, operational management, governance, admin and reporting. You will be supported by an Intern Supervisor who will meet with you regularly to encourage weekly learnings and monitor your progression. You’ll also receive additional support through a Personal Development Coach to expand your knowledge about NGO management. Meet with your coach one-on-one where sessions revolve around your personal goals and opportunities to explore what comes after your internship.

You will also be responsible for raising awareness and organising fundraising initiatives for the African Impact Foundation at your chosen destination. This will include, deciding upon fundraising priorities, creating a fundraising plan, combining social media and marketing to get more people involved in your fundraising campaigns and planning fundraising events

Gain practical experience and a theoretical understanding of social development. Broaden your horizons as you connect with the rich and diverse culture of the communities, projects and people of our established, grassroots NGO in Africa.

Our Locations

Livingstone, Zambia

Livingstone, Zambia is a beautiful, rural town that many call “the real Africa.” Just a stone’s throw away from one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World – Victoria Falls – Livingstone is the ultimate playground for those who love adventure sports, wildlife, and the great outdoors. There are many national parks where you can observe lions, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, elephants, and giraffes, and often, we spot some of these animals along the road on our way to project!

Kruger, South Africa

The Greater Kruger Area encompasses over 20 private wildlife reserves on the west side of the world-renowned Kruger National Park in South Africa. These private reserves come together to create one big reserve. A significant contribution to wildlife conservation efforts, helping to protect and preserve one of the world’s last remaining wildlife strongholds.

"I was able to work freely and apply my ideas without any limitations"

Mattia MorettiKruger 4 Week Travel Intern, 2021

"The obstacles I faced during my internship were related to business and management which is what I've been studying for 5 years."

Michele BeninaKruger, 4 Week Travel Intern, 2021

"Each day is a learning experience that opens eyes, hearts, and minds. You’ll begin to form your own opinions of Africa based on your first-hand experiences, and you will keep those stories with you for a lifetime."

Ashley AbodeDirector of Marketing & Recruitment, Israel. Cape Town Internship, 4 Months, 2019

"During my 4 months at African Impact I had the best mentors - people who I could not only learn from, take on projects with, and explore Africa with, but people I have remained friends with to this day!"

Emma M TrindelProject Designer, New York, USA. Zambia & Cape Town Internship, 4 Months, 2018

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Choose from one of these four virtual internship options.

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$ 863

2 Months

$ 1,269

3 Months

$ 1,660

6 Months

$ 2,835

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