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The Girl Impact

The Girl Impact, Kilimanjaro

By October 10, 2016February 24th, 2020No Comments
In Tanzania we are working with partner schools as well as a group of unemployed women to teach vital skills training and mentorship.
Gender equality in Tanzania is relatively advanced, compared to it’s neighbouring countries. However, while there is a higher number of women in school, work and even in politics, women are still hugely under-served in rural communities and face many inequalities in their daily lives.

  • About 14.6% of all women and girls aged between 15 and 49 have been subjected to female genital mutilation.
  • 41% of girls transition to secondary school education. However, only 3% complete the cycle, mostly due to pregnancy.
  • The percentage of women aged 20-24 who were married before the age of 18 is 38%.
  • Salaries paid to women are on average 63% lower than those paid to men.
  • When women own businesses, they make 2.4 times less profit than men.

In the town of Moshi, at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro, African Impact run education, public health and enterprise projects to target some of these issues, and have more recently developed a gender equality initiative in conjunction with The Girl Impact.

These gender empowerment projects focus primarily on empowering girls through education and skills development initiatives, while engaging all members of the community, including boys.

EDUCATION – We help reduce the barriers to education for girls, enabling them to stay in school for longer and improve their ability to earn a living.

HEALTH – We help educate boys and girls about health risks, prevention and treatment, as well as providing support for those living with health issues such as HIV, AIDs or malaria.

SAFETY – We aim to change attitudes of whole communities on violence against girls and women, as well as providing support to those who have been the victim of violence or do not live in a safe environment.

EARLY PREGNANCY – We provide education to girls, boys and communities which aims to reduce the rates of early pregnancy in young girls, avoid unwanted pregnancy and support girls who are dealing with teenage pregnancy and early parenthood.

INCOME GENERATION – Our program prepares girls to make a living as they get older by discussing their options, teaching skills and supporting their efforts.

SELF-CONFIDENCE – We give girls a platform to value asking questions, be challenged and supported in their opinions as a means of building up girls’ self-esteem and confidence so they can take more responsibility for their future.

As part of The Girl Impact Women’s Group, Wakipa Women’s Group was established in 2015 to provide health, educational and support workshops to 13 women. Over the years, the women grew into an income generating group with an aim to start their own business.

  • 2018: The women identified they would like to start their own events company. Together we created a programme that would assist in the creation of an events company run by the 13 women, as well as an opportunity to train, coach and employ 13 girls in business skills and event management.  As a result of the fundraising efforts in 2018, these 13 women attended a series of event and business management training sessions so they could start their own events company.  For its launch, funds also supported their purchasing of equipment such as chairs, tents, pots and cooking utensils.  At the end of 2018, these women were hosting events for up to 500-600 attendees! It is now Wakipa’s goal to train the additional 13 girls in their community and then employ them in their business.
  • 2019: Fundraising will support the training of these girls, as well as supporting the growth of the Wakipa’s events company.

For more information go to the Girl Impact website