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Thanda – Community Refurbishment

By April 11, 2014October 10th, 2023No Comments


Our refurbishments help create a safer and more welcoming environment for community members by restoring already existing structures or helping build new ones.’, ‘Since 2012, The Happy Africa Foundation and our partners, African Impact, have been working in the surrounding communities of Etshaneni and Mange, near Ulwazi Lodge, in Thanda Private Game Reserve. Our work in these two communities often involves refurbishments projects within both areas, especially in the crèches in which the volunteers from our partners at African Impact work with the local children. These refurbishments help create a safer and more welcoming environment for community members by restoring already existing structures or helping build new ones. ‘, ‘Many of the structures that are of great importance to the local communities are rundown, unsanitary and often unsafe. The communities often rely on these structures, but lack the necessary resources to restore them when they begin to wear down. As a result, the community members continue to utilize the buildings, exposing themselves to often uncomfortable and unsafe conditions. One such structure is Mange Crèche.

The crèche serves as an educational center for 56 children from Mange and is run by the women of the community.  The building has a leaking roof, cracked walls and floor, and worn out paint on both the inside and outside of the building. This makes it uncomfortable and discouraging for the children to be able to learn, especially during the rainy season. In addition, the children lack a usable toilet in the crèche and resort to going to the bathroom by the fence of the school. ‘, ‘

During 2014, our community refurbishment project will focus on Mange Crèche. This project will help enhance the children’s education by providing them with a welcoming, comfortable, and safe learning environment. It will also provide them with a usable and sanitary two-stall, long-drop toilet.

Stage One:  Begin the renovations of the building by removing the old roof, and adding a new one. A local builder, who the Mama’s of the crèche will be responsible for paying, will put on the new roof.

Stage Two:  Fix the concrete base on outside of building by removing the cracked portions and re-concreting them.

Stage Three: Strip paint off outside walls, add base layer and then repaint. Add a new doorframe and a new door with a functional lock. Add window putty to windows and paint the window frames with rust resistant paint.

Stage Four: Clean interior walls, remove stains and marks, fill in holes, and ready them for painting. Fill in holes in the floor and re-concrete the damaged floor sections.

Stage Five: Paint inside walls and decorate them with child friendly and educational drawings, such as numbers, shapes, animals and letters. Repaint blackboard. Add a pin board and new shelves for storage of materials.

Stage Six: Paint floor and rub down outside gate to remove rust and rough edges. Then add rust resistant paint and new lock to outside gate.

Stage Seven: Add child-friendly drawings to outside of building and paint them.

Stage Eight: Dig two sufficiently large holes for the long-drop toilets.

Stage Nine: Build two toilet stalls. Add doors, windows and toilet seats.

Stage Ten: Paint toilet stalls.

Improving facilities, which the community relies on. Providing safe, comfortable and welcoming learning spaces, run by the community.’, ‘These projects are community-run, for the community. The Mamas run the crèches and are committed to working with The Happy African Foundation and African Impact to make these projects a success. These projects will provide the community with the facilities it needs to provide a nurturing learning environment for the children.

In 2013 we helped refurbish Etshaneni crèche. We helped fix their jungle gym, rebuilt the shaded area, painted a twister game on the floor for the children to enjoy, cleaned the crèche, and helped remove rocks from the shaded area and areas where the children play.

The first part of the refurbishment at Mange Crèche is well on its way to completion. The first six stages have been completed. The majority of the drawings for stage seven have been added to the outside walls, and now the remainder need to be added and painted.

We are currently budgeting and fundraising to start building the toilets, and should be able to start digging the holes in the next few weeks.

Its October and Mange creche is now complete.We have finished fundraising for the toilets, and building is well on its way. The holes have been dug and the builder has started building the walls.

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