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THAF Awareness Challenge

By May 10, 2016July 20th, 2016No Comments

Written by Livingstone intern, Hayley Willis

We held our first focal project challenge here in Livingstone, with the African Impact volunteers being split into three groups and going head to head to be crowned champions of the competition. They took it very seriously….there were definitely some sneaky tactics going on!

All the volunteers went to our focal projects, Linda Clinic and Zambezi Sawmills Community School, to have a look around and to find out as much information about them as they could. Each team was given a tour of the projects by our community partners and then needed to complete a quiz about them. They were astounded by some of the facts, especially that the hospital is estimated to provide essential medical care to 11,637 people per year, and that’s not including all the people who will have access to better care from other places once they are less burdened. It really helped them see how important and far-reaching the work we do is.

In addition to the quiz they were given a list of captions. The idea was for them to capture photos of the focal projects that fit each caption, the closer it came to the caption and the more creative it was the more points they got. They produced some really lovely photos, and the children at Zambezi Sawmills certainly enjoyed their photoshoot!!

The volunteers fed back how much fun the afternoon had been, but also how seeing the projects firsthand had inspired them to continue to help our causes once they get back home. A big thank you to all the volunteers and community partners who took part….it was their enthusiasm (and competitiveness) that gave us a really useful and enjoyable afternoon.