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Rugby Jerseys to Tournament

By October 29, 2013October 10th, 2023No Comments

Our programs in Livingstone assist the number of communities that surround the main tourist town of Zambia. Alongside our partners at African Impact, we have numerous partners in these communities including the Maramba Tag Rugby Committee.

This past week, The Happy Africa Foundation gave a donation of over 80 sports jerseys to the organisation, which were for the most part generous donations from volunteers from our partners at African Impact.

The jerseys were then distributed by the Maramba Tag Rugby Committee to different community schools in the area, which already introduced the game of tag rugby to their students.

On Saturday the 26th of October, our Livingstone team was part of a tag rugby tournament organized by the Tag Rugby Trust (TRT). The TRT was founded in 2002 to introduce the game to communities where tag rugby did not previously exist. The organisation works in the UK and in eight developing countries and aimed to only spread the game of rugby at first, but now focuses on developing the skills of players beyond the rugby pitch.

Not only was the day an important one for the local sports enthusiasts, it was a delight for us to see all the athletes play in their new jerseys.