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Reuse and Recycle

By April 18, 2016October 10th, 2023No Comments

Written by Zanzibar intern, Michael Cohendy

As we are going through our module “reuse and recycle”, the members of the Conservation Club, which is part of our Education and Empowerment Program, are now learning about renewable energy. In Zanzibar, as in any developing country, making a transition to clean and sustainable energy is a real challenge. The country relies on the cheapest way of producing energy, which results in deforestation, water pollution and air pollution.

Moreover, with the new UN Global Goals “Sustainable Communities”, “Affordable and Clean Energy” and “Climate Action”, we want to raise awareness among these children about the fact that not only them, but everybody on the planet has to do his share of effort for the environment. We believe that a more responsible generation will improve the lifes of everyone on the Island. This is why we try to teach them every little thing they can do to reduce their impact and to help them understand the difference they can make.

Now our eco responsible children can make a solar cooker out of a pringles box, a windmill out of rubbish, and paper-briquettes with reused paper. They are aware that the sun is a powerful source of energy, that the strength of the wind can be harvested, and that they can easily reduce their wood consumption.

“I understand that we can use material like aluminum with a certain shape to reflect light and heat something.”

“Using paper-briquettes might be more difficult than using charcoal, but its a lot cheaper and doesnt use more wood.”

We are grateful to our faithful 40 students who keep showing interest in everything.