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Restoring Hope in Masi

By June 27, 2014October 10th, 2023One Comment

Masiphumelele Wetlands Emergency Relief Update

On Friday 23rd May, roughly 200 homes in the Wetlands area of the Masiphumelele community were lost to fire, displacing over 800 people. In response to the situation The Happy Africa Foundation in partnership with African Impact Cape Town projects, began campaigning and raising funds to support the many families affected by the fire.

Phase One of the relief efforts began with a 12-hour fast on 28th May, World Hunger Day, where African Impact Cape Town volunteers and staff went without food for 12 hours to bring awareness to the subject of global hunger as well as raise funds in support of Masi; food insecurity is an on-going issue for many residents of this community and the fire has made access to adequate food a state of emergency.

Food donations organized by African Impact staff and volunteers supported emergency food parcels distributed by a well positioned community partner. Following the hunger fast, volunteers and staff members sorted clothing and household parcel provisions. Relying on the guidance of another trusted community partner, these items provided six families in great need of assistance with much needed items. This was an immediate relief necessity providing men, women and children with clothing, blankets, shoes and some basic household items.

Phase Two of the project is in process right now. Thanks to the support of generous donors, family and friends, we are pleased to announce that over GBP 900 was raised for the Masi Wetlands Emergency Relief effort. That’s almost double our original goal of GBP 500! A portion of these funds will support the replacement of winter school uniforms for Primary School children whose uniforms were lost to the fire. This is a necessity for the children, and an expensive item for families to replace. The uniforms are being made by a local women’s sewing initiative and beyond replacing the uniforms the funding is supporting an income generation project. Thanks to gracious supporters like you, we are able to fund winter track suit uniforms for 25 primary school children in Masi!

Phase Three: A preschool for 34 children was also lost in the fire and funds have been raised by other organizations to rebuild the structure. Nothing however has yet been arranged to replace the contents of the building. In the coming months, we will be working closely with relevant community partners to identify the material needs of the preschool and are prepared to use the remaining funds to support the local preschool by purchasing educational resources. These resources will support the children’s development in the classroom.

Thank you again for your support! The Happy Africa Foundation, African Impact and the Masiphumelele community extend their utmost appreciation for your support.