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Raise a Roof for Karuri Campaign

By July 30, 2013October 10th, 2023No Comments

This month marked the continuation of the refurbishment of the Karuri Health Centre, sponsored entirely by the efforts of Kathy Richards and her husband Norman.

Chronically overcrowded, the mothers and babies at Karuri often have to wait their turn in a narrow corridor outside the treatment rooms before seeking treatment from healthcare professionals. Not to mention, the staff at Karuri conduct health workshops for the patients as they wait, which is quite a challenge to do effectively in such a cramped space.

As a result, Kathy, a former volunteer at the African Impact projects in Kenya, put together numerous campaigns to raise money for a refurbishment of the courtyard of Karuri, to provide the patients therein with the necessary space and seating to wait, and sometimes learn, in comfort.

Little did she know that her project would be more needed now than it was then! On 1st July the government of Kenya introduced free maternity treatment in Kenya and this has increased numbers considerably! Now, because of Kathy’s hand of compassion, many more women and children can wait comfortably for health services while receiving health talks from the nurses.

With the roof already completed, this month it was up to the contractors and volunteers to retile the floor of the waiting bay. Volunteers from our partner organisation African Impact are leaving their projects to communally work together on Fridays to leave their mark on the health centre. They have sanded and painted the base coat and will finish the coats on the next two Fridays. By then the local schools will be on break to allow for finishing exciting murals for the mothers and babies.

This week the contractors have worked on the woodwork at their workshop and have now moved to the hospital to start the welding to complete this week. These developments are a huge step forward for Karuri and we look forward to sharing more of the refurbishments and the final product in the coming weeks. We also have a few surprises coming up for the nurses…who faithfully attend to their patients and Kathy would like to extend her hand to them as well… so do watch this space!