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Pictionary and Fruit Salad

By February 8, 2016October 10th, 2023No Comments

Our focal project, Education and Empowerment Fund, is about giving people the opportunity of becoming more responsible about the sustainable development of their land. One aspect of this project is the conservation club, the purpose of which is to teach local kids (13-16 years) the eco responsible way of thinking and all the things they can do to help make their land sustainable. This conservation club started again this week with more than 40 kids excited about learning new things. They participated in the activities organized by our African Impact volunteers – a pictionary game about biodiversty and a fruit salad type of game about the local environment.

The local teachers were also happy to help us communicate with the kids. The headmaster was present and told us he was really glad that we were helping them teach the kids about things they dont always have time to teach and for which they dont have real knowledge. Hopefully, thanks to the conservation club, the next generation will be able to pass on the eco responsibility and this is one of the things that makes our project sustainable and empowering.

We ended the class asking for the kids to make their own eco super hero for the next session. They told us that they were really enjoying the activities and that they came for the fun, but that they always went back home knowing something new. We alway try to let them go with the task of doing something sustainable or raising awareness about what they have just learned.