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Our Thrill-Seeking Fundraisers

By October 7, 2014July 20th, 2016One Comment

Ever thought about running six marathons consecutively through a desert? How about riding a semi-wild horse through the harsh Mongolian Steppe for 1,000 kilometres? This is exactly what amazing husband and wife duo Lewis Woodcock and Claudia Vicente accomplished this year.

Recognised as the toughest foot race on earth, the Marathon des Sables takes a journey 251 kilometres through the Moroccan side of the Sahara Desert. A testament to the difficulty of the race, in 1994 a runner went missing for eleven days before finally being located in Algeria. Lewis ran for close to forty-five hours through sand dunes, up rocky mountains, and across salt pans all while being scorched by the Moroccan sun.

Following this, Claudia made the trip to Mongolia to tackle the Mongol Derby. Judged as the longest and toughest horse race in the world, the Mongol Derby sees competitors ride a 1000 kilometre course which recreates Genghis Khan’s empire busting postal route, changing horses every 40 kilometres all while camping with herders or sleeping under the stars. Claudia rode with competitors throughout the world being one of the lucky riders to finish the demanding event.

Team Vicente-Woodcock both completed these gruelling events all in the name of the Happy Africa Foundation. Claudia said, “I am putting myself through 10 days of chafage, starvation (I hate mutton which is the only item on the menu) and possibly death to raise money for a fantastic charity that I really believe in. The Happy Africa Foundation”. With a strong connection to our focal projects in Livingstone, Lewis and Claudia raised a total of £4,656.27 by completing these amazing events.

They both have plans to visit Livingstone in 2015 to revisit the impact their donations have made on our focal projects. We just hope we can provide enough adventure in Livingstone to fulfil their thrill-seeking lifestyles!