Provide Pathways into Prosperity

Imagine an entire community in Zambia where education, wellness, gender equality and livelihood opportunities are provided to every young person, regardless of their background or circumstance – to move out of poverty and into prosperity.

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Children and adults receive a quality education in improved school facilities and after-school study spaces.

Education Support

Youth have supportive and safe spaces to focus on their well-being and mental health, setting them up for healthy and opportunity-filled futures.

Menstrual Cycle

Young women receive free reproductive health resources and empowerment workshops that instil confidence to make positive choices and become champions of change.

Communities want to transform; poverty can be history.

Now imagine… you can be at the forefront in providing these pathways to prosperity. Donate today to provide:

Help us reach our goal by providing pathways into prosperity to 100 youth in Zambia!


Meet Memory

‘I had my first child at the age of 17 as a result of early marriage. At the time, I lacked knowledge on so many issues to do with Sexual Reproductive Health and because of this, I had 4 children without the proper child spacing that is required for both mother and child to live a healthy life. Looking after the children has also been financially challenging.

I feel that my life and perspective on family Planning methods have changed greatly ever since I joined the LETS programme, I am now knowledgeable about how to observe changes in my body and monthly cycle in order to prevent unplanned pregnancies. I am also thankful and excited about the fact that the LETS programme is focused on the natural method of family planning because this is a much healthier option for the body. I am convinced that by the end of this programme, I will be able to make more sound decisions on childbearing matters and also pass the knowledge to my partner in order to better our living standards as a family.’

Thank you to our current donors, we couldn’t do this without you!

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