Libuyu Community School

Supporting schools in Zambia from the ground up

Libuyu Community School in Livingstone, Zambia is as a community school – meaning they receive no support from the government. When we partnered with them they only had 3 classrooms, 7 volunteer teachers and 2 paid teachers for 420 primary school students.

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The Ministry of Education identified them as one of the most vulnerable schools in Livingstone.

Libuyu Complete Classroom

Ending poverty through classroom builds

Libuyu Community School now has three new classrooms! These classrooms allow for smaller class sizes which results in a better learning environment, an increase in attendance rates and marks, and an improvement in curriculum delivery.

Thank you to the donors who made this possible in 2020 – because of you, children in Livingstone now have access to a higher quality education!

The next step is to build a fence along the school perimeter to keep the children, staff and property safe! Trespassers vandalize the buildings, steal food from the garden, and distract the students when they are in class – a fence will keep unwanted people off of the property.

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