Farmers of the Future

Developing skills for unemployed youth in rural South African communities through agro-ecology and small business training.

South Africa suffers from some of the worst unemployment and wealth gap issues in the world, especially in rural communities. A lack of small business enterprises and training opportunities has been associated with the high numbers of unemployed young people.

Ending poverty and improving wellbeing through:

  • Sustainable income generation
  • A growing rural economy
  • Local employment opportunities
  • Access to healthy food

Farmers of the Future is a small business and entrepreneurship training program in the Greater Kruger Area of South Africa, focused on agro-ecology, and how to develop a small business through farming. As this area suffers from severe climate conditions and droughts, a specific focus is growing climate resilient indigenous vegetables and reintroducing this crop into the marketplace.

The training program runs for 18 months with weekly lessons and is divided into three 6 months phases plus an indefinite mentorship and access to a supply chain network while they open their new business through a kickstart loan.

Phase 1: Business Training

Basic Business Concepts 

Agro-Ecology Training

Phase 2: Business Incubator

Hydroponics Training

Product Development 

Income Generation

Phase 3: Business Start-up

Business Management 

Kickstart Loan

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