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New Cookers for Red Hill

By March 2, 2015July 20th, 2016No Comments

Written by our Cape Town intern Jessica OConnell

Red Hill is a remote and informal settlement on the southern peninsula side of the Cape Town area. Due to its remoteness, access to basic facilities such as electricity, water and healthcare can be inadequate at best. This coupled with substantial underemployment and unemployment means that many families live below the bread line, and struggle to provide basic daily necessities.

This is where The Happy Africa Foundation comes in. As part of our commitment to both education, enrichment and health and nutrition, the need to help these children was realized. Our health and nutrition project with two preschools in Red Hill is our longest standing relationship in Cape Town – working with them since 2008!

In addition to implementing physical activity in lessons, and conducting quarterly health and nutrition based workshops with teachers, we help provide the children with two nutritious meals a day while they are at school. This need was identified, as many of the children lack proper nutrition, which hinders their development and their ability to concentrate and learn in school. Helping to provide nutrition assists with their focus in school, their level of development in regards to age, and their knowledge on what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.

Last week, Red Hill Preschool and Children of Hope Educare received new cookers! This achievement has been a long time coming, and is going to be a great supplement in the schools provision of healthy and nutritious meals. These cookers were much needed additions to both preschools. As the cookers were used everyday to feed anywhere from 30-50 children, wear and tear was undeniable.The Happy Africa Foundation raised the funds to provide new cookers to better serve the children and the teachers.

As our health and nutrition programme outlines, we assist in providing two meals a day to the children at both schools, and the schools will now be better equipped to continue cooking food. Fundraising for new cookers for the school was an ongoing initiative of The Happy Africa Foundation since 2013; it is truly wonderful to achieve this goal and help the Red Hill schools provide for the kids. The previous cookers were intermittent at best, with one burner working one day, and maybe three the next. Children of Hope Educare was down to their last burner when the new cookers arrived.

Thankfully, the process of cooking the children’s food will be much more efficient now.

As we continue to assess the children’s health through BMI, conduct workshops on health and nutrition topics, and ultimately seek to provide these schools with a sustainable framework to work within, these cookers are a massive achievement. The efficiency that new, fully operational cookers will have enables the school to spend more time dedicated to the education of the students, as they are able to take comfort in knowing that they will be able to feed the children with proper and appropriate equipment. The new cookers also act as a means of empowerment, as the teachers are able to adequately provide for their pupils independently. This sense of ownership stemming from sustainable development is a goal for all of our projects, our health and nutrition programme is no exception.

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