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My Internship with African Impact Foundation

By May 19, 2020June 25th, 2020No Comments
Written by: Zoé Champel, Foundation Intern

Hello there! I am Zoé Champel, I was a fundraising intern at the African Impact Foundation (AIF) for almost five months, that went way too fast (!!!) and I am here to tell you how great my experience was.

The internship was in two parts: one on the ground (with the African Impact) in the Greater Kruger area and the other in the AIF head office in Cape Town. Both were different but as enriching and fulfilling in terms of relationships, knowledge, social impact, etc.

The volunteer experience was a total escape, it was life changing.

In Kruger, I was surrounded by a team and other volunteers, we were living together 24/7, so you get a special connection with people. The team was very supportive (same in Cape Town) and always encouraging regarding my personal projects. The volunteer experience was a total escape, it was life changing. Going almost every day in the wild reserves and in the local communities is a privilege and a chance that I am so grateful I had! When you are on the ground, you get to see the real impact you are making, and there is nothing more rewarding than that.

Next thing I know, I take the bus to go to Johannesburg and fly to Cape Town. And here I start a more common life in this awesome city. Indeed, Cape Town is a rich city, where you get everything you need, all in one place.

I couldn’t feel more welcome than I was on my first day at work. I got to meet everyone in the office and to settle down a little before getting into the real job. I was given a clear program to follow during the internship mentioning that I could take the liberty to develop my own projects in order to help with the fundraising.

The team would thank me every time I would do a good job, which was so encouraging. The communication within the team is smooth and you get to feel comfortable immediately. My ideas were either approved or I was helped in develop them into better ones.

This environment was perfect for me to discover the professional world, who I was and who I wanted to become in this world.

I am extremely grateful for this whole experience and AIF was there all the way to make it even better. Thank you for everything!

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