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Luntu Rubber Softplay

By May 22, 2015October 10th, 2023No Comments

As many of our supporters and past volunteers will know, our project with Luntu Educare supports the goal of government registration for the centre. Government registration for the school will help provide much needed supplies and funding, enriching the children’s education and empowering the teachers in their careers. In order to reach this goal, Luntu must undergo safety and strategic renovations to meet the requirements for registration and as part of our strategy we’re currently raising funds to transform the children’s outdoor play area.

At the moment, the front area of Luntu is made up of only sand, with cement pieces, pipes and nails creating a hazardous environment for the children. As part of healthy and holistic child development, having outdoor play and activities is essential! Implementing a safe play area will not only help pave the road to government registration; it will also allow the children to play and take part in the physical activities crucial to their development.  We will be replacing the unsafe and unproductive area with a rubberized surface, providing the space and fun environment the children deserve! The sand, the cement pieces and the nails will be removed and in it’s place will be a soft and durable rubber flooring, made from recycled tires and laid as bricks.

This is where  you come in!

We are currently shy of our fundraising goal and are eager to make this rubber softplay are a reality! In South African Rand,  it costs about R11 400 for an outdoor area of about 28 square meters. This means that it only costs you GBP20 to provide us with a full square meter for Luntu’s outdoor play area! In U.S. dollars, that’s only about $32! We’re in need of your support to provide this play area, and give the children and teachers at Luntu Educare a safe environment to grow in.

In total, the surface to be laid is 28 square meters.  By buying a square meter of bricks for GBP20 you can be a part of providing safety and fun for Luntu’s students for years to come!