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Let Me Introduce You

By September 11, 2015October 10th, 2023No Comments

Elizabeth Mwalimu
Elizabeth came to the home in 1988 with her baby grandson after she had just lost her daughter. She is originally from Mombasa, Kenya. Elizabeth is a hundred and three years old and is quite the woman. She no longer can stand straight so she walks completely bent over, and sleeps in the fetal position. She is such a small woman that she only takes up about a quarter of her small bed! She loves children, and loves it when our volunteers and staff visit, she calls them all her children. She loves having her head and hands massaged and loves to listen to music. She has been watching two beyonce music videos every day since October 2014, and has never been bored of them. She truly is Beyonce’s biggest fan!

Lucy Mombo
Lucy, 52, is one of the youngest members who is originally from Dodoma. No one really knows much about her background or family because she had been living on the streets with a friend of hers until she suffered a stroke that rendered her speech and paralyzed one side of her body. She is also blind. She is an amazing woman who loves to sing, laugh and get tickled. Every time our volunteers or staff would visit they would tickle her because she loves it, and she now tickles them back. She shares a room with Elizabeth and found it hilarious when Elizabeth started singing beyonce songs but slowly she started singing along as well and now she loves to sing.

Mr. Antony Bosman
Mr Antony is the newest member to the home who arrived this April. He is a 91 year old God-loving man, who used to be a house painter. He had an unfortunate car accident that injured his legs, so he is currently bed ridden. He is such a humble man who speaks very impressive French and loves to eat bananas.  To him every day is a lovely day. When you ask him how he is doing he always says the most positive things, which is very admirable considering he can’t really go anywhere.

Halima Ali
Halima is a 75 year old woman who came to the Langoni Home in February this year. She is originally from Tanga but had been brought in from Hai after the local community development office discovered she was homeless. Halima has memory problems so she doesn’t seem to remember much about her past. She has a very colorful personality and loves food and talking about her day. She has never gone a day without telling us how much she appreciates our volunteers and staff coming to see her four times a week.