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Kicking off with Sports Development in Cape Town

By November 9, 2016October 10th, 2023No Comments

Two weeks ago, the Happy Africa Foundation, in partnership with Sporting Chance and African Impact Cape Town, kicked off our annual street sports tournaments again! Only this year, we added soccer to the mix offering the children two sports to participate in.

On the 21st of October, local children dressed in white Happy Africa t-shirts gathered in the streets of Langa to play soccer and cricket together. The streets were closed off to set up five different courts, each one complete with a referee, organized teams, and cheering bystanders.

This event provides children a safe place to be active and further develop team-work, sportsmanship, and their athletic skills that they have learned in school or elsewhere.

The tournament may specifically cater to the young, however, its benefits reach further, encompassing the greater community as a whole. Using sports as a platform, we are able to bring people together through promoting healthy living and the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle.

From now until the 2nd of December, both soccer and cricket matches will be held in Khayelitsha and Langa every Friday, with the tournament culminating in a final round to determine the ultimate champions of the respective sports. African Impact volunteers play a pivotal role in the success of the tournament, providing mentor-ship and coaching to the children involved. The Street Sports Tournament is a huge success every year and garners large turnouts of children looking to participate in some competitive, structured play. It is always a great time for everyone involved!