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Helping Hands – Sporting Chance

By March 6, 2015October 10th, 2023No Comments

Written by our Cape Town intern Jessica OConnell

The Happy Africa Foundation has partnered with Sporting Chance since the start of 2014, with the culmination of our relationship being the Street Cricket Tournament at the end of last year. We were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to assist in co-sponsoring the event and truly kick off our partnership with Sporting Chance.

African Impact Sports Development volunteers work alongside Sporting Chance coordinators in Langa and Khayelitsha to teach physical education classes, providing children with knowledge on the importance of physical activity, and engaging them in a positive outlet of expression, play and competition. This relationship strengthens the ties THAF and Sporting Chance have; as we move into 2015, we are excited to continue to grow and develop our relationship with Sporting Chance!

Bradlyn Stuurman, projects manager for Sporting Chance, is a crucial part of the partnership with The Happy Africa Foundation. The peak of The Happy Africa Foundation’s relationship with Sporting Chance was the Street Cricket Tournament, running from late October to early December of 2014. THAF was happy to help co-sponsor the Khayelitsha portion of the tournament, which was a huge success and achievement for both parties. Bradlyn emphasized the accomplishment and his contentment over the Street Cricket tournament.

In Khayelitsha, 120 children under the age of 11 participated in the Street Cricket Tournament. The Happy Africa Foundation and Sporting Chance worked together to provide the community with an amazing opportunity to teach the children about sport, provide them with a positive and healthy way to socialize, and to mobilize and engage the community! As Bradlyn said, the Street Cricket Tournament was a huge success, but further to that, the event occurred ‘in the first year of our partnership’ – a huge testament to the strength of our rapport in with this program.

In only a year, THAF’s relationship with Sporting Chance has developed immensely, and it is wonderful for us to work with an organization and programs that so eagerly promotes and advocates for healthiness and the value and importance sport can have in a child’s life. This relationship has been characterized by like-minded hard work and dedication, and as Bradlyn mentioned, he thoroughly ‘enjoys our partnership and our involvement in their programs.’ Bradlyn’s statement is certainly felt in reverse, as we at The Happy Africa Foundation are just as eager to be involved with the wonderful initiatives and message of Sporting Chance.

This partnership is certainly one to watch – we are enthusiastic to continue with Sporting Chance and progress our partnership! Simply put, and in Bradlyn’s words no less, the partnership is ‘awesome.’ As it continues to develop, stay tuned to see what 2015 will bring for Sporting Chance and The Happy Africa Foundation!

Check out more information on our project with Sporting Chance here, and here to go to Sporting Chance’s website