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Extra-Curricular Enrichment, Cape Town

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Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS (GAPA) is currently a flourishing program providing programming in the area of: educational workshops, support groups, income generation activities, pre-school bursaries, relief funds and aftercare programs for residents in the community. GAPA has been a partner for the last 4 years with whom in partnership, we enhance the learning of the 99 children between the ages of 6-11 years and  11 grannies with bi-annual Extra-Curricular Enrichment outings to different locations around Cape Town.

The low standard of living in the community too often means that families and schools in Khayelitsha are unable to provide children with important educational extra-mural trips. Many children in the community do not have access to visit educationally enriching places around their own communities due to limited finances. The Aftercare program at GAPA aims to provide children with a safe environment afterschool to do home work, eat a healthy meal and just ‘be kids’ by playing games and doing crafts in a safe and secure environment. This is especially important during the afterschool hours as child abuse rates spike during this time. The GAPA aftercare program has been very successful, bringing in approximately 99 children from the surrounding area. Unfortunately, due to a loss of funding, GAPA can no longer provide a means for the children to experience Extra-Curricular Enrichment outings in the Cape Town area.

The Extra-Curricular Enrichment project enhances the children’s in-class education by supplementing the funds needed to pay for educational outings twice per year. These extra-mural trips will allow children to visit places around Cape Town that they would not otherwise have access to due to financial restraints. While providing a fun outing to children, the trips will also be educational and equip children with practical life skills taught through tactile learning and fun experiences. In partnership with the grandmothers on staff, African Impact volunteers also help facilitate learning during the trip and supervise children to ensure safety. As a part of our commitment to children’s education, assessment tools will also be put into place after the outing to measure the skills that have been learnt through the educational trip. These extra-mural trips will allow children to visit places around Cape Town that they would not otherwise have access to due to financial  and geographical restraints.

Short Term Impact:
Educational Extra-Curricular Enrichment trips in Cape Town enable all children to attend culturally enriching institutions and engage with hands-on learning through fun and exploration, despite financial backgrounds. Learning is both age and development appropriate and encourages well-rounded learning outside of the classroom.

Long Term Impact:
Providing educational trips to children improves long term critical thinking, increases exposure to cultural institutions in the community, facilitates group learning and will ultimately empower children to grow mentally from the new experience. By enriching children’s education, you also enrich their families and the community as a whole.

GAPA is located in Khayelitsha, which is a partially informal township in Western Cape, South Africa. Located in the Cape Flats area in the City of Cape Town, Khayelitsha means ‘New Home’ in Xhosa. It is noted to be the largest and fastest growing township in South Africa. Today Khayelitsha has an estimated official population of over 500,000 people but the unofficial number counts just under two million people including informal settlement areas as well. The ethnic makeup of Khayelitsha consists mainly of Black African residents, who predominantly speak Xhosa. Khayelitsha has a very young population with over 40% of residents being under the age of 19. As with other settlement communities, residents in Khayelitsha have limited access to basic utilities such as water, sewage, electricity and health care.

One of our most prominent partners in Cape Town, GAPA, continues to serve over 150 students a year through a safe, fun and educational after-school programme, all run by inspirational “Grannies”. Students practice homework, join our gender equality programme, The Girl Impact, participate in sports and arts and have a chance to be a kid. The Foundation wanted to extend the opportunity for students to learn outside of the Khayelitsha Community as many of the students and grannies do not have the chance to travel outside of their township.

  • 2016: We launched the bi-annual GAPA Extra-curricular Excursions, allowing these students to experience educational yet fun activities outside of their township. The aims of these excursions are educational, fun and a great opportunity to experience what is happening in the surrounding area of Cape Town.  For both the children and Grannies, this brings inspiration, opens their mind, creates togetherness and gives an education beyond the school walls
  • 2018: We successfully organised two Extra-Curricular Enrichment excursions for GAPA, the first being a fun trip to Higgledy Piggledy – Imhoff Farm where 96 children experienced in this outing along with 10 GAPA grannies.  The second trip was a big highlight for the GAPA grannies, as they set off to visit South Africa’s well-known heritage site, Robben Island. We were able to take 89 children and 13 grannies on this educational, life-changing trip.
  • 2019: This year we had two incredible Extra-Curricular Enrichment excursions. In March we took 100 children and 19 grannies to Acrobranch Constantia for an extra-curricular excursion of climbing ropes, zip-lining and being among the trees. In September we had an even bigger group of children in attendance. We were lucky enough to have the Norval Foundation sponsor a trip for 150 children and 40 grannies to visit their beautiful museum.