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Our aim is to witness girls, boys, women, and men collaborating to demonstrate how education and adequate support can elevate families and whole communities. In this blog, we will discuss the impact of our Reproductive Health Programme and Youth Insaka projects on the community.

On August 21, 2023, we marked a significant milestone by introducing the Reproductive Health programme to the vibrant Ngwenya community in Livingstone. The event was an opportunity to share the programme’s core objectives, purpose, and mission with the local residents.


Lets dive in…

The Reproductive Health initiative primarily targets adolescents, and the response from the Ngwenya community was truly inspiring. We were overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and commitment, which translated into a remarkable turnout for the program’s launch. The community’s strong interest in reproductive health demonstrated their recognition of the program’s potential to bring about positive change in the lives of young individuals.

Throughout the month of September, our dedicated participants immersed themselves in a series of engaging sessions. These sessions were carefully designed to cover a wide range of topics with a focus on enhancing their understanding of sexual reproductive health and overall well-being. Participants eagerly embraced these discussions and activities, actively seeking knowledge and skills that will empower them to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

The Reproductive Health program not only aims to educate but also to inspire. It fosters a sense of responsibility and empowerment among the youth, equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the challenges of adolescence and adulthood. As we continue to progress through the program, we are excited to witness the growth and development of these young individuals, who are poised to become informed advocates for their own health and active contributors to the well-being of their community.

The introduction of reproductive health to the Ngwenya community represents a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to promote holistic well-being and education. We are grateful for the support and enthusiasm of the community members, and we look forward to the positive impact that this program will undoubtedly bring to the lives of our participants and the broader community.

Our Youth Insaka project, where young individuals congregate to explore topics ranging from health, wellness, and gender equality to education and employment hurdles.

Here, the emphasis lies on fostering discussions where confident girls and boys lead the way, rather than adults, as selected young leaders facilitate the Insaka gatherings. Our vision is to establish a space for boys and girls to form connections through mutual support, tackling shared challenges, and devising collaborative solutions to cultivate positive mindsets and essential skills for a promising tomorrow.

Youth Insaka has been actively organizing quizzes for both girls and boys, covering a diverse range of topics previously discussed during Term 2 sessions. These quizzes serve the crucial purpose of evaluating students’ understanding of the knowledge they’ve acquired. In the current term, both zones have already delved into an array of subjects, including the empowering concept of self-determination.

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