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Our Educational Support project seeks to support strategic renovations for Kuyasa Educare and aims to enrich the children’s education by providing much needed funding in order to renovate the buildings following Cape storm damage in July 2017, as well as purchase age-appropriate educational toys and teaching supplies.
The goal of the project is to get Kuyasa to register as a Early Childhood Centre for government funding to sustain the developments of the children under 6 to become school ready and receive the necessary psycho-social support for their complete development for future success.
The low standard of living in these communities too often means that families and schools are unable to provide children with the adequate tools they need to aid in their physical and mental development. Many children in these communities do not have access to age-appropriate toys and tools to ultimately enable their short and long term development. Schools aim to equip its students with a safe and nurturing learning environment that will help children to grow and develop into intelligent adults and give them hope for a bright future as an educated individual. Unfortunately due to the nature of the community, these facilities struggle financially and need additional educational support to provide the children with the resources they need to enrich their education. The South African Government is able to support and supplement a few training’s for teachers once ECD centre are registered. The registration can only happen once the centre meet the set requirements which includes building and capacity levels prescribed by the government. Kuyasa does not meet the requirements and can not register its centre until these requirements are met.

 We have been assisting Kuyasa with providing support and aid for the children’s development as they prepare for primary school. The preschool lost registration at the start of the year due to changing building regulations. The preschool funded the construction of new classrooms to help get registration back. The classrooms were close to completion when the storm damaged them, meaning the principal has been set back to the beginning. Without registration and subsequent funding, children in the area will not receive quality ECD support and thus opportunities to gain entry to primary schools may be compromised.

Short Term: We want to create safe and secure learning environment for the children at the school by completing a list of necessary renovations for educational support.

Long Term: to ultimately register the school as an educational government facility. As a registered school, the facility will become eligible for government funding which will further improve the children’s education and increase their sustainability. When children has educational support from a young age, they are well-equipped for their schooling career. Evidence indicates that success in early years translates into success in higher levels of education.

Khayelitsha is a partially informal township in Western Cape, South Africa. Located in the Cape Flats area in the City of Cape Town, Khayelitsha means ‘New Home’ in Xhosa. It is noted to be the largest and fastest growing township in South Africa. Today Khayelitsha has an estimated official population of over 500,000 people but the unofficial number counts just under two million people including informal settlement areas as well. The ethnic makeup of Khayelitsha consists mainly of Black African residents, who predominantly speak Xhosa. Khayelitsha has a very young population with over 40% of residents being under the age of 19. As with other settlement communities, residents in Khayelitsha have limited access to basic utilities such as water, sewage, electricity and health care.

At the begining of 2018, we have reached our short-term goal by securing Kuyasa’s registration as a Early Childhood Development Centre, which qualifies teachers for ECD training which will meet the rest of the long-term goals. We are through this project currently impacting 105 people; 100 children under the age of 6 with a split between 50% boys and girls and 5 teachers who are receiving training to best achieve school readiness for the learners at the ECD. With a lack of resources, our continued goal is to help supplement the resources at the ECD.

  • 2017: Was a difficult year for Kuyasa after their newly built classroom was damaged by Cape Storms. We worked with the ECD centre to provide them with funding to repair their classroom. We were able to repair the roof, ceiling, floor, and in addition provide new colourful posters for the walls to create a creative learning space for the children.
  • 2018: Kuyasa achieved government registration certifying them as a government approved ECD centre for the 105  children they provide learning to. Even better, because the centre had all its papers in order they were able to secure from government a 10 year lease on the land they currently operate from. To add to this the tenure offer also include the option to buy the land should they wish.
  • 2019: We are aspiring to assist Kuyasa repair another classroom so they receive registration for additional space to use. This not only means the crèche can take more children but can also employ more teachers.