Education & Enrichment

The most basic and important need in education is literacy. The invaluable ability to read and write gives people access to a wealth of opportunities they would otherwise be excluded from. Being able to read enables people to access information and to learn. The ability to write enables people to apply for vital documents and to communicate with others, which is why we focus on education and enrichment.

Our education programs include helping pre-school and primary school children to learn the basics through extra lessons and one-on-one attention, sponsoring children so that they are able to attend school and running reading clubs and libraries. We aim to improve the literacy level of both children and adults and to foster an environment that encourages learning. We also fund the building of educational facilities like classrooms and provide books and learning materials, providing people with a safe, weatherproof place in which to learn.

“We know just how exciting 22,000 books can be. The children of Zambia also know this after a full container of books was delivered to Livingstone!”

Our enrichment projects are about encouraging play, discovery and exploration – things that may sound trivial but are in fact vital to children’s self-development. We work with crèches and orphanages that lack the facilities and materials needed to create a safe, fun and stimulating environment where children can express themselves creatively and socially. We provide toys and sports equipment for children through donations, enabling them to have fun and to just ‘be kids!’