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Clocking your Kms for Kids

By August 21, 2015October 9th, 2023No Comments

The Happy Africa Foundation and African Impact are partnering with Sporting Chance once again to fundraise to run the Street Cricket Program in two communities in Cape Town, South Africa; Langa and Khayelitsha. The vision is to provide opportunities for sporting achievement and personal development for as many children as possible. Empowering the children in their confidence and responsibility as South African citizens.

The Street Cricket Program brings together boys and girls under the age of 11 from these two disadvantaged communities in the Cape Town area to participate in a three month long cricket tournament.  The low standard of living in these communities too often means that families and schools are unable to provide children with the ability to participate and involve themselves in sport.

The Street Cricket Program provides an alternative outlet in which the children can excel in their development, while having fun and learning about sport. The added value of positive role models and mentors found in the coaches, older children and community member facilitators reinforces the positive influence sport can have in a child’s life.  Happy Africa Foundation – Kms for Cricket

What we need: We need a total of R100,000 to pull this off in BOTH communities… We are equating R100,000 to 100,000 kms.

This is why we need you, your friends, family and further associates and acquaintances to gather round and clock those kilometres (kms) – walking, running, cycling… we also love swimming, dancing, skating as other ways to clock kms.  We already have strong expressions of interest and the fundraising brainstorms have produced the following options:-

Option 1 – The Batsman option

This option places you as the person making the runs, or clocking the kms by whatever means you see fit. In this instance you can rally and fundraise in whatever means suits you. Your “Batsman” can keep us up to date and we will help raise awareness on our side too!

Example: You asked for donations from John Smith for the ‘Kms for Cricket campaign, citing you wish to add 100kms to the cause. John Smith  has sponsored you R100 and left a comment on the link ‘I nominate [your name] to complete 100km over the next month – good luck!’. 

Option 2 – The Bowler option

Perhaps you would prefer to sponsor a friend or support a colleague instead of walking, running, or cycling. If this is the case – you’re welcome to hit ‘donate’ on this page – and let us know what your friend is doing in the comment.

Example: You know your friend John Smith is clocking ‘Kms for Cricket’. You can add additional kms by clicking this link, donating R50 and adding a comment like ‘Here is 50 more kms! Walk, run or cycle that little bit more now John Smith!’. 

Option 3 – The Fielder option

Perhaps a few injuries have rendered the kms something tricky to achieve. If this is the case and you still want to donate to the ‘Kms for Cricket’ campaign, our team will further support you and ensure these kms are clocked, whether it is by staff or volunteers!

Example: Want to donate, but cant think of anyone who will clock the kms equivalent to your donation? Think again! Click “Donate” and the staff of The Happy Africa Foundation, Sporting Chance and African Impact will ensure those kms are clocked and tracked! 

Updating: As we clock the ‘Kms for Cricket’, we would love to receive any updates whether it be by message or photos, of kms clocked, targets reached, or targets to come. As we start clocking down the 100,000km, we hope to be clocking up to R100,000 – our social media will make sure you’re kept in the loop!

To donate or start clocking your Kms click here!