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At African Impact Foundation we are incredibly proud to introduce you to a remarkable individual whose passion and dedication have left an indelible mark on the communities we serve in Zambia. In this blog, written from the perspective of our valued intern, Henry, you will embark on an inspiring journey through his experiences, triumphs, and the transformative impact of his service.

Get ready to be moved, inspired, and enlightened as we share the extraordinary tale of a volunteer who embodies the vert essence of our mission. Together we will celebrate the power of volunteerism, the beauty of Zambia, and the incredible change that can be achieved when hearts and hands come together for a common purpose.

Let’s hear what Henry has to say…

My time working with the African Impact Foundation has been incredibly rewarding. Having the ability to make an impact on the local community in Livingstone, both through working with the Foundation as well as volunteering on the project with African Impact has been great. Given my interest in NGOs, it has been really insightful to witness one functioning in person, and has broadened my outlook regarding future careers.

I have helped raise money for the Foundation’s great causes, such as Girl Impact, through promoting activities for volunteers. I have also been able to gain first-hand experience of the impact that AIF has on the ground, via my involvement in the likes of Youth Insaka; LETS; Girl Impact; and sports coaching. The likes of Youth Insaka, Girl Impact, and LETS are evidently important to the education of the local children, providing them with important knowledge that may take up a less central role within their school education. These topics range from financial skills, entrepreneurship, health-related topics, and other vital social skills. Working on the sports project was specifically exciting for me, given it being one of my passions. Witnessing the enthusiasm of the local children when participating in these sessions made it all worthwhile.

Participating alongside the volunteers from African Impact was a similarly enjoyable experience. I have made both great friends and memories through project work as well as external activities. The staff from both African Impact and AIF have all been wonderful to work with. The notable enjoyment they receive from their role only worked to heighten my own determination to make a difference. The ability to take part in a safari through Chobe National Park was truly unforgettable and is certainly one of the highlights of my stay. I also took part in rafting and the bungee jump, which are both unique experiences. My visit to Victoria Falls was equally incredible. The countless opportunities to explore the local area, as well as its unbelievable surroundings, have simply added to my unforgettable experience here in Livingstone.

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