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Catherine Dreams Big

By April 15, 2015August 12th, 2016No Comments

Written by our Cape Town Office intern Andrea Verschuyl

We pride ourselves at The Happy Africa Foundation in offering people all over the world the opportunity to make a real change in communities that need aid. One of the avenues through which we support our partner projects is our Sponsor a Child program, and we’d like to highlight a girl who has used our NGO as a platform for success, but needs one last push to help her fulfill her goals.

Meet fourteen-year-old Catherine Tinkoya. She has five sisters and three brothers and carries herself with the purpose of a child shouldered with great responsibility. She lives in a Maasai village in the heartland of Kenya just beyond the edges of Nairobi, and she dreams of someday being a doctor. Until this year Catherine has gone against all local conventions of her community, pursuing her education with tenacious dedication in the face of chronic instability and hardship. She is goal oriented and she is strong, but the dire circumstances of her community have conspired against her own aspirations. Catherine Tinkoya has been unable to attend a day of her first year of secondary school because she lacks the necessary funds to pay her academic fees and supplies.

Catherine is brave enough to dream big dreams and look beyond the poverty that surrounds her towards a future that is bright and full of expectation. She represents a new generation of young Kenyan girls who, if given the means, can for the first time pursue higher education and eventually support their own families and communities, lifting their home villages, neighborhoods, cities, and towns from chronic poverty and into a fresh morning of independence and prosperity. Catherine Tinkoya is hope.

Visit our Virgin Money Giving page dedicated to Catherine to see how you can help her continue to defy odds in a country where only 41 percent of girls even make it to secondary school. Invest in her education and make a tangible impact on a girl whose life has been narrated by difficulty, and deserves a future of self-realization and success.