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Bethel Academy, Limuru

By Education & Enrichment
This project is dedicated to building new bathrooms, as well as updating the aesthetics of the Bethel Academy school by painting walls and roof – providing much needed renovations for the 190 learners at the school.
Bethel Academy is prioritized as it is a community school and has increased in size, with no increase in funds or facilities. Currently 190 children are sharing 4 bathrooms and queuing during their breaks to use the very basic toilets. They also have a student with physical disabilities, who is not able to use the current toilet, due to the size of the wheelchair and instead the teachers are having to use diapers.

Bethel Academy is a community school funded by community support and donations. The project is directed towards providing additional facilities to the school, whose capacity is limited due to the increase of student numbers and the presence of a special needs student.

We are currently fundraising for a bathroom for all the children at Bethel Academy, as well as for aesthetically uplifting the school’s appearance with a coat of paint to make the school a more attractive and engaging place of learning. This project will significantly impact the children, with increased learning and playtime, uninterrupted by queuing to use the limited bathrooms.

Short Term Impact:
There will be an increase in sanitation and hygiene which seeks to increase basic human dignity, access and to the contrary, de-crease absenteeism.

Long Term Impact:
These renovations will also help the school meet the required standards by Ministry of Education to provide improved sanitation and efficiency.

The African Impact Foundation projects in Kenya are based in the Limuru District of Kiambu County in the Central Province of Kenya. The majority of the population in the Central Province are Kikuyu – the largest ethnic group in Kenya. However, due to its close proximity to the capital city, Nairobi, the Limuru area is quickly becoming a cosmopolitan area. Other communities (Luhya, Luo, Kamba, Maasai, Kisii) have settled in Kiambu County as a result of rural-urban migration in pursuit of employment and other economic opportunities.

Bethel Academy is a community school in Limuru, Kenya where there is a massive lack of resources and funds for the school and the students’ learning.

  • 2018: We identified the lack of toilets and poor hygiene at the school as over 100 students were using two small, unhygienic toilets. Therefore, sufficient funds were raised to build new, clean, wheelchair friendly, accessible toilets for students. Additionally, classroom refurbishments took place in order to make the classrooms safer and a better learning environment for young students. We completed this project in 2018 and will continuously check in to see the improvement of hygiene and learning environments at Bethel.

Sponsor a Child, Zambia

By Education & Enrichment

 “The best thing about going to school is that I get to learn new things and it’s good for me because in life I can have a better future because of education and I can live a good life.” – Sponsor a Child Student 


Zambia is an exceedingly poor country with 78% of the population living on less than a dollar a day. 47% of children in Zambia do not finish primary school and 65% of the children who do complete primary do not enter secondary school. 41% of Zambian children are forced into labour and almost 1 million girls in Zambia are forced into early marriage every year.

We provide children in Livingstone, Zambia, identified and assessed by our local community partners, with the opportunity to go to school through sponsorship. To date, over 160 children have received an education thanks to the incredible generosity of sponsors.

For every child sponsored, the community of Livingstone takes one step closer to having a brighter and more prosperous future. Without education, children will not have the tools to thrive at future jobs and the cycle of poverty will continue through generations. A formal education gives children the opportunity to create a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities in the future.

Your sponsorship pays school fees for a year, and provides a set of uniform and shoes, a school bag, stationary, exercise books, and necessary textbooks. In addition, 29.5% of the sponsorship fee goes into a fund to improve the quality of education for all students at their school, both now and in the future.

For about a dollar a day you’ll give a child an education and a pathway out of poverty. Make a one time donation or donate monthly and we’ll send you details of the children you have sponsored.

How much does it cost?
Primary School (grades 1 – 7) = $315
Junior School (grades 8 – 9) = $420
Secondary School (grades 10 – 12) = $455

Please email our Sponsor a Child Coordinator in Livingstone, Sharon, on zsac@africanimpactfoundation.org for more information.