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A Remarkable Young Woman

By February 19, 2016October 9th, 2023No Comments

Tryphena Chineyama

Tryphena is one of the children in our Sponsorship Program, and is currently in her last year of school.
Tryphena attends one of the local High Schools and studies hard. She achieves good grades and passed all subjects last year but she was unsatisfied with her Maths and Physics results and wants to work on these more this year. Her favourite subject is English. She hopes to become a medical doctor when she grows up so that she can help people in need.

Although exemplary, it is not Tryphena’s academics that makes this particular young lady stand out, it is her extra-curricular activities that show her dedication and enthusiasm for a better future. She is part of the anti-corruption commission at school where they discuss solutions to defeating corruption nationwide. She is also on the student council to protect the rights of children.

In addition to all this, Tryphena has also founded and is now president of her school’s Girl Club. She formed this club to educate girls on gender-based issues such as avoiding early marriages, early pregnancies, and sexual harassment. She managed to get the Human Rights Group involved to provide workshops and resources for her project. Her goal is to expand the club so that it has other branches in other schools in Livingstone, and then the rest of the country, and her ultimate dream is to for the club to become an official foundation.

Tryphena is truly an inspiring young lady. She has taken the opportunity her donors have given her through sponsoring her education, and ensured that she has paid forward this kindness by empowering and inspiring so many other young girls.

It just goes to show…..by empowering just one individual you can change a family, which can change a community, which can change a nation.

Thank you so much to her sponsors for changing this young ladys life, and through her positively impacting so many others.