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5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Skydive

By June 14, 2018June 21st, 2018No Comments

Hey everyone! I am Daniel Delgado, an intern for the African Impact Foundation (AIF). Cape Town is filled with so many weekend activities that can be done such as climbing Table Mountain to venturing out to the famous Boulders Beach penguins on the Peninsula. Despite these fun weekend trips, skydiving has by far been the best. I hope this helps you decide to take the leap of faith! Enjoy!

The Jump
My eyes looked down past my feet when I was outside and it felt unreal, I was soon hurdling towards earth at 120 mph. I could not breathe, I could not think, but just have fun as I risked my life in one of life’s most daring activities. If you ask me, someone who is deathly afraid of heights and death who will not even walk to the edge of a building because my hands would be sweating, jumping out of a plane at 9,000 feet has been one of the best moments in my life. Although it may sound cliché, life is too short to live with regrets and throughout events in the course of life, many things cans be drawn.

These are the 5 things skydiving taught me:

#1 – Stress Release: The game of life is filled with too much stress with the craziness of work, school, drama, etc. When you skydive, you freefall. Skydiving is there to make you feel FREE. When you jump out of that plane, your adrenaline is pumping at extreme levels, so leave everything behind for just a couple seconds. You don’t realize how peaceful the world can feel at 9,000 feet. So why not skydive? You can leave everything behind and once you land, start anew with two sighs of relief. The first sigh for the fact that the parachute opened and you landed; the second one, anew.

#2 – Facing Fears: My top fears involve two things: heights and death. These tall points scare me to the point of no return, but yet I went skydiving. People ask me all the time “You hate heights! Why’d you do it?” Despite my fears, the feeling of achievement of facing them is a win-win in my book. Even if you close your eyes, you can still say that you jumped out of a plane, and LIVED! That is already a step above most people in the world who don’t jump! If you can risk your life jumping at deathly heights, you can sure as heck conquer tasks that may seem insurmountable in the real world. You can even conquer another fear! Hmmm… What’s next?

#3 – Bragging Rights: “YOU JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE!” exclaimed my parents. “HECK YEAH I DID!” I responded. The shock people get when someone like me who is afraid of heights skydiving is unreal. Nobody likes a bragger, but there are some cases, like jumping out of a plane, when it is ok to brag! Skydiving is a major achievement in life! Brag about it! In the future, brag about achievements like graduating with a PhD, marrying the love of your life, or traveling to every country in the world, you name it! It’s ok! You reached a milestone, share it! After all, there’s plenty who think about jumping, but don’t.

#4 – Confidence: Unfortunately, the world is filled with people who want to tear each other down and in a place where it is important to fight for yourself, confidence is a huge player. When you skydive, you entrust your life in the hands of the experienced jumper. If you ask me, that takes major confidence and once you land, you will feel it even more.

#5 – FLYING: ‘Nuff said.
Next time you complete a major achievement in your life, share about! Skydiving taught me only a couple of things, but when you’re in traveling you have to live your best life! There is so much to see in the world, so why not see it skydiving? You’ve seen the benefits! Take a friend with you and try it!

PS: Don’t wear shorts like I did


By Daniel Delgado – African Impact Foundation intern Cape Town