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10 Tips for Fundraising

By September 19, 2014October 9th, 2023One Comment

1.    GET CREATIVE – When planning your event or fundraiser try and get as imaginative as possible, whether it is a bake sale or a Quiz Night.

2.    CHALLENGE YOURSELF – If you don’t want to hold an event you could maybe do a challenging walk, run, cycle or swim.

3.    INSPIRE – Tell people why you are fundraising for The Happy Africa Foundation, show them your passion and inspire them. If you have already volunteered with our partners at African Impact you can use photos and stories from your own trip. However, if you’re yet to volunteer you can visit our Facebook page and website for some incredible photos, information and stories from our partners.

4.    USE YOUR CONTACTS – Who do you know in your local area? Ask for donations for raffle prizes or money off the hire of a village hall.

5.    GET EVERYONE INVOLVED – Get your family, friends, colleagues and classmates involved in your fundraising efforts, whether it is with helping you run your event or cheering you on at the finish line.

6.    SPREAD THE WORD – There are now so many ways to communicate with people, tell everyone about your fundraising efforts via Facebook, Twitter, a personal blog or email.

7.    KEEP POSITIVE – Sometimes it can feel like your fundraising is going at a slow pace but don’t be dis-heartened! Organising a fundraiser can take time and this goes with collecting donations as well.

8.    ONLINE CROWDSOURCING – Here at THAF we recommend two platforms for online donating, Virgin Money Giving and Givey. Both of these platforms are great and allow you to make your own personal fundraising page with the money being sent straight to us. However, you are more than welcome to use any online platform that works best for you, just be sure to check their fee so that you and your spon-sors/donors know how much money will be going to your chosen project. www.virginmoneygiving.com and www.givey.com

9.    UPDATE – Keep all of your supporters up to date with how your fundraising is going and where their mon-ey is being spent.

10.    THANK YOUR DONORS – There is nothing better for a donor than receiving a thank you for their kind donation. If companies helped fundraise, a thank you certificate would be a great gesture.

For more information on fundraising, check out our fundraising page.